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Love Upper Perkiomen Valley Halloween Parade Regulations
It is the intention of the Love Upper Perk organization and Parade Organizers to present the Halloween Parade as a safe,

fun, and family-oriented community event.


1. Parade participants must complete a registration application to enter in Upper Perkiomen Valley Halloween Parade (hereinafter referred to as “the Parade”). The Love Upper Perk Organization (hereinafter referred to as “the LoveUpperPerk”) encourages the

submission of applications as early as possible. All applications are subject to the sole discretion of the Halloween Parade Committee  (hereinafter referred to as “the committee”) The committee is not obligated to provide any applicant with a reason for the denial of any application.
2. Applicants are responsible for communicating all rules and regulations to each member of his/her organization, group, company and/or entry. Each member of the organization, group, company and/or entry shall be responsible for reading the rules and regulations associated
with the Parade. The violation of these rules and regulations by any member of the organization, group, company and/or entry before, during
or along the Parade route will result in disqualification and immediate removal from the Parade and will not be permitted to participate in the
following year’s Parade.

3. Safety: Any application construed as a public hazard or likely to cause any unsafe condition in staging areas or along the Parade route will
be denied.

4. Safety: * NEW * Candy cannot be thrown to spectators from floats/vehicles as in past. Those passing out candy must walk on
along side of road and pass out. This is requested by Borough’s and aligned with other parades.
5. Safety: In case of emergency (fire, ambulance, police, etc.), all participants shall move to the right side of the street.
6. Safety: Units may contain no element higher than 16 feet, to provide clearance of overhead wires and traffic lights.
7. Entries that detract from the celebratory nature of the Parade will NOT be permitted to participate.
8. A completed application to participate in the Parade will be taken as a firm commitment by the Committee. “No shows” for two
consecutive years may be denied entry into the Parade for one year.
9. Motorized go-karts, motorcycles, mini-bikes, mopeds, and bicycles are not permitted except as approved by the Committee upon review of the entrant’s application. Any entry violating this regulation will not be permitted to participate in the Parade the following year.
10. Power tools, knives, swords, guns or replicas are not allowed to leave the Parade route and go into the crowd. No firearms or weapons of
any kind are permitted on the Parade route or staging areas. Any entry violating this regulation will not be permitted to participate in the
following year’s Parade and may be prosecuted. The only exception to this regulation is for Police Officers, Police/Military Color Guards, fire
police or other police officials patrolling the Parade route on the day of the Parade.
11. Explosives, fireworks, or any other exploding devices are not permitted along the Parade route or staging areas. Anyone found with
explosives, fireworks or any other exploding devices will not be permitted to participate in the following year’s Parade and may be

prosecuted. If a float decoration includes a “prop” or other item that may be construed as an exploding device, the entrant/participant must
get prior approval from the parade committee. Any entrant/participant violating this provision may be escorted from the staging areas
and/or the Parade route and not be permitted to participate in the following year’s parade.
12. Children under age of (14) years of age are NOT permitted to walk or march in the Parade unsupervised. Parents are fully responsible for
their minor children.
13. When a unit reaches the end of the Parade, the participants are NOT permitted to come back through the line of march for the balance of
the Parade. Participants must use another street so as not to disrupt the marchers or obstruct the view of the spectators watching the
14. Individuals and organizations in the Parade must perform courteously, in compliance with all regulations and with safety in mind at all
times during the formation, execution, and dismissal of the Parade. Entries that detract from the celebratory nature of the Parade will
immediately be disqualified from the Parade. Any participant disqualified under this regulation will not be permitted to participate in future
parades. Parade Officials will remove any participant violating this regulation at his or her sole discretion. All Parade Officials’ decisions are
15. Parade Officials may be located along the Parade route to enforce the rules and regulations. The Parade regulations instructions must be
followed at all times. Parade Officials’ decisions are final and not subject to review.
16. No participants are permitted to consume and/or possess alcoholic beverages anywhere along the parade route. Any participant found
consuming or in possession of alcoholic beverages will not be permitted to participate in the Parade and will be escorted from the Parade
route. All beverages (soda, iced tea, water, lemonade, etc.), must be in a non-glass, non-breakable container.
17. Smoking is prohibited along the parade route.
18. Any motorized vehicle required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be inspected must have a current inspection sticker and
registration card. Registration card must be available upon request of any Parade Official. Only valid licensed drivers shall operate any
motorized vehicle being operated along the Parade route. The drivers’ valid license must be available upon request of any Parade Official.
Further, each motorized vehicle and/or driver participating in the Parade must have valid insurance on the vehicle and/or driver. Valid
insurance cards must be available upon request of any Parade Official. Photocopies of driver’s license, registration card, and insurance card
must be submitted with the registration application.
Violators of parade rules and regulations will not be eligible for a prize, may be deemed ineligible for the 2015 parade, and may be removed
immediately from this year’s parade.

Float Safety Regulations
1. Floats must have adequate brake systems, as well as an emergency backup system.
2. The driver of the float must have good visibility. Special attention must be given while navigating corners from the staging lot onto Gravel
Pike due to spectators on or near corners.
3. Proper ventilation must be provided for the driver of a self-contained float.
4. The muffler must be wrapped in fireproof material if it is to be near any other surface.
5. Every float must have a cooling system sufficient to cool the engine.
6. No decorations may block the radiator or impede the wheels of operation of the float in any way.
7. Diesel trucks being used for floats are cautioned not to have an overload of fuel.
8. Gasoline tanks on self-contained units must be large enough to hold enough gas for the unit to complete the parade.
9. Batteries must be fully charged and of sufficient capacity to last the duration of the parade.
10. Electrical wiring must be an approved type for your use and be well insulated.
11. All wiring must be secured to the float or entry in a fashion as to minimize the risk of someone tripping over the wiring. All high-voltage
(greater than 40 volts) junction points must be made in UL approved boxes or fixtures. All supply lines shall be current-limited by fuses or
circuit breakers in a manner as to limit the current to the lowest possible for satisfactory operation, but in no case more than 250% of the
normal load.
12. Generators must be securely mounted away from any flammable materials and be equipped with an exhaust line.
13. At least two (2) dry chemical fire extinguishers should be on each float. One at the rear of the unit and the other with the driver.
14. Any vehicles and all equipment must be checked for fuel, water, and any other vital liquids before reaching the assembly area.
15. On a self-contained float, the gas tank should be positioned as far from the driver as practical and be securely bolted to the frame.
16. The fuel tank must not be decorated in any way and is to be wrapped in fireproof material if it is located near the engine, exhaust, or
17. Flexible connections should be used on fuel tanks to avoid leaks. Gas tank caps must be vented.
18. The driver of a self-contained float should have adequate space to maneuver and have easy access to exits in case of an emergency. A
carbon monoxide detector should be placed in the driver’s compartment.

19. Safety railings, belts, back supports, or handholds should be provided for riders.
20. Even if a float is self-propelled, a tow hitch must be provided in case of an emergency.
21. Tires must be reasonably new and of good quality. A spare wheel and tire should be on each float with full access available for quick
change in the parade route without the use of special equipment.
22. The steering mechanism must be capable of ordinary maneuvering with no less than a 45 foot turning radius. It is desirable to have as
little play in the wheel as possible.

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